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Infield Chatter Episode 8

The season started, so naturally burgers are discussed.

So with a week of season in the books, we talk about some things on this week's podcast. They include

  • Who has disappointed us, who has made us feel happy?
  • Mark Trumbo + Opening Day = Unfortunate defensive highlights that burn into your brain
  • Toothless men with shotguns.
  • soco tries to shoehorn in Anime metaphors that make no sense
  • I posit that Dodger fans at Chase are there own special class of terrible people.
  • We see how the episode might sound when I have little time to put into editing it.
As always, download here, stream below. Devin is working on the iTunes thing, I swear.

Also, we have an e-mail now: Send questions and whatnot there for fun and profit.