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Fang Food: Chase Field's Newest Offerings

Or at least most of them.

Credit to the Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account
Credit to the Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account

We here at Fang Food are now returning for our third season. Wow... three seasons... That's a bit surprising. Anyway, moving on, to start off this season I made a huge sacrifice and, with the help of my family, tried out basically all of the new food offerings that the Diamondbacks have added this offseason. The results were less than stellar, to be honest, but there is some potential there, after the kinks are worked out.

Lolo's Chicken and Waffles

First off, I just want to say that my brother loved the food. He said it was some of the best fried chicken he has ever had. However, that was after a 20+ minute wait to get it. We got there about twenty minutes after gates opened, and we were told we couldn't order yet because they wouldn't have any chicken for another fifteen minutes. So we had to wait. When they finally opened up, there was a fairly decent line in front of us of other people who had been waiting, which also added to our wait time. Then we finally got to order. And be told that there would be a twenty minute wait if we wanted chicken breasts. My brother decided to go for the leg meal. Which was delicious, but still, the waiting was kind of ridiculous.

America's Taco Shop

The theme of waiting continued here. Dad was going to have this for dinner, but after standing in a very long line, even by ballpark standards, we got up to the register... only to have the kitchen manager tell the cashiers to stop taking orders to the kitchen could get caught up. After standing around awkwardly for a few minutes, we decided to give up.

As far as the food goes, all I can base this off of is the menu, but one thing I noticed was the tacos, the burrito, and the quesodila had the same ingredients. The *exact* same ingredients. Could be tasty, but, sadly, I wouldn't know.

Paradise Valley Burger Co.

Dad and I actually were able to eat here, but we were quite disappointed. The service was quick enough, but it was one of those situations where it could have used being slower. The food was tasty enough. I got the Paradise Chz burger (Lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, and cucumbers). Dad got the Beach House burger (green chilis, pico de gallo). That were good. The pickled onion was kind of a surprise. I didn't think it would be very good on a burger, but it was. It was kind of sweet, but with a sour after taste. I enjoyed it.

There was one major problem. It was all cold. Everything. The burgers. The toasted bun. The french fries. Everything. And that made it all kind of gross.

Hopefully, Levy Restaurants and the Diamondbacks will get these issues ironed out. You would think that they would have kind of had a better game plan going into the season, but who knows.

What's that? There was another addition this off season? Something that rhymes with Burrgo Hog? Nah, that will have to wait for another article. Stay tuned!