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Snakebytes 4/10: Anchors Away

The demotion of Tomas doesn't seem to be abating the ridicule of the national press.

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"What we’re trying to do is figure out a way to create at-bats for him, which is primarily the reason he didn’t stay. If we had more at-bats and could get him more playing time, he’d be here." - Dave Stewart on Tomas

"We need him to get a little bit more fit. He's going to have a long year this year, hopefully a lot with us." - Chip Hale on Tomas's weight

Diamondback News

Diamondbacks have no clue what to do with Yasmany Tomas

At some point, some team is going to spend way too much on a Cuban free agent and said free agent will bust. It's possible Yasmany Tomas will be that bust. The Arizona Diamondbacks invested $68.5 million to sign the 24-year-old, hoping he'd be able to play third base and provide another big, right-handed power bat behind Paul Goldschmidt and Mark Trumbo.

Diamondbacks still aren’t sure what to do with $68.5 million signing Yasmany Tomas

First the Diamondbacks insisted Yasmany Tomas could play third base, then they moved him to the outfield, and now they’ve sent him to Triple-A. So what position will the $68.5 million pickup from Cuba play in the minors?

Diamondbacks Yasmany Tomas an error in organizational judgement

Baseball is one of the few sports where an athlete lacking world-class fitness can be made into a millionaire. Cuban defector Yasmany Tomas is the perfect example of this. His bat was rumored to be something worth an MLB roster spot. After spring training, the Arizona Diamondbacks swiftly decided that his defense and physical limitations were better suited for minor league baseball.

D-Backs' Chip Hale wants Yasmany Tomas to be more fit

Diamondbacks manager Chip Hale would like Cuban prospect Yasmany Tomas to get more fit, he told MLB Network Radio in an interview.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin sets target date for return from torn UCL

The parties held at Patrick Corbin's childhood home in Clay can begin again the first week of June if everything goes according to plan.

Arizona Diamondbacks OF Mark Trumbo talks about his triples

The Arizona Diamondbacks thought they had a slugger in Mark Trumbo.

Instead, apparently, they have a speed demon.

Two games into the season, the D-backs' outfielder leads the National League in triples, with two.

Arizona Diamondbacks' president Hall: 'Possibility' Daniel Hudson could be a starter again

It's early, yes, and no doubt more will need to be seen from the rotation before anyone thinks of making any changes.

But if it gets to that point, one option could be Daniel Hudson.

D-backs, Dodgers look to settle old score

(Editors note: That headline seems like MLB stoking the flames for a bean ball war doesn't it?)

Archie Bradley rediscovers himself and finds path to D-backs' debut

Before leaving for school in the morning, the Bradleys would stow Archie's baseball gear in the back of Old Blue and storm into another busy day. After class let out, Pam Bradley would drive Archie and younger brother Alex the 90 minutes from Muskogee, Okla., to O'Brien Park in Tulsa, where Bradley's club team practiced and played its games.


If you are like me, Thursday seemed to drag on without any Diamondbacks baseball. Sure there was some news out of Reno that Yasmany Tomas will be primarily playing right field, and also the beginning of the MiLB season, but without any action actually ON Chase Field, it felt like the day would never end. Now it’s Friday, and not just any Friday, but the beginning of the Dbacks first series with LA. So, here are five things to watch for over the next couple of days.

Old Diamondbacks News

Barkley, Gonzalez reflect on their Arizona sports legacies

Wade Miley opens Red Sox career with rivalry game against Yankees

Brandon McCarthy has bumpy debut in Dodgers' 7-4 victory

Cody Ross agrees to join A's following release by Diamondbacks