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Fancy writing for AZ SnakePit? Help wanted!

It's spring training for the writers here too, and there will be a couple of roster changes for the upcoming season.

Sandra Behne/Getty Images

Departing (at least in the early stages) will be Fabian and Ross, both of whom have found the pressures of outside life - whatever that may be, I'm really not sure - have led to a time crunch. We thank them for their services in 2014, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. This means a couple of openings: one will be filled from within, with Steven Burt moving from SnakeBytes to regular recappage.

However, the other involves the series previews, which typically involves two pieces a week, usually on Monday and Friday, looking at the upcoming opponent for the Diamondbacks. If you're interested in joining the SnakePit team, now's your chance: generally, we like to recruit "from within", as we prefer someone who has already shown they can string a sentence together and [equally important] interact with others on the site. The third main requirement is reliability: blah blah self-starter, work without supervision, deliver to deadlines, etc. Note: this is an unpaid position. You do this for fun. [Though after the 2014 season, please also note: "fun" is not guaranteed...]

Beyond that, you can adopt whatever approach to the previews you want. Serious, funny, statistically astute, statistically oblivious, whatever. Interview other sites? Fine by me. If you want to mix and match, that's fine. If you want a consistent tone and approach, that's cool too. If somebody wants to do two a week, or if two people each do one, we can work with that. The good thing is, there's generally some flexibility as to when you write the previews too: they'll typically go up around noon on the day the series starts [or the evening before, if that's an off-say], but you can do them earlier and schedule them to appear later, through the magic of SB Nation.

If you're interested, speak up in the comments. As noted, preference will likely be given to those with whom we feel comfortable, but we're open to newcomers as well.