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SnakePit March madness bracket opens

Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough... To beat a Brit with absolutely no knowledge of the game, anyway.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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Group: AZ SnakePit
Password: G1antsSuck!

March Madness is, apparently, A Thing. And even more bizarrely, it doesn't mean the feeling you get when you stare out the window and wish you were at a spring training game. Instead, my extensive research suggests it's something to do with getting over-excited in response to people at college playing sports - rather than sleeping around and running up excessive debt, which everyone knows is what further education is supposed to be about.

I believe the idea is to pick the loser for each game. Factors to be taken into consideration include the colors worn by the team, amusing puns possible based on their name, and whether they're owned by the Queen. Though the last named may be picking horses in the Grand National, I'm not sure. I believe this is called "bracketology", which makes about as much sense to me as calling your pizza restaurant "Pieology" [seriously, we saw such a place yesterday on our way to lunch from SnakePit Towers].

Still, have at it, and you too can enjoy the light thrill of defeating someone who is unable to take seriously, a sport where scoring is apparently so easy, both teams can finish a game in triple digits.