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How to be excited for the 2015 MLB Season, even if you're a Diamondbacks fan

With Opening Day approaching, it means its time to dust off the old saws about the crack of the bat and the smell of green, green grass.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Based on your own temperament, you probably have already decided how you feel this season of the Diamondbacks will go. Maybe you're an eternal optimist,  and see more of 2007 and 2011 than 2004 or 2014. Or maybe you have a more negative disposition, and just can't even right now with the Front Office. Either way the baseball season is about to begin, because it is a line without an end.

Baseball should be enough, but the leisure class is an insatiable giraffe. We have nearly endless possibilities, whether is games derived from the game such as fantasy baseball and simulators, to an expanding sphere of the dreaded Content. But we need our hot takes, season previews, ironic takes, overwrought odes to rap groups and pop culture references, because we need something to share with carefully curated 'woahs,' 'big if trues,' and 'wows.'

In case baseball isn't enough, I will now attempt to play the part of Hype Man and present an exhaustively researched list of why you, yes, even you, local Diamondbacks fan, should be excited about the 2015 MLB season.

  • Crack of bats, green grass, et cetera (required by law in every season preview)
  • Cold beers that cost $15
  • Complaining about $15 beers
  • The return of Goldschmidt and Corbin
  • Young players like Owings and Lamb
  • Young players like Bradley and Tomas
  • The 2 weeks before your fantasy team goes to hell
  • Lo-Lo's at Chase Field
  • Churro dogs
  • Pitchers batting
  • Arguing about the DH
  • Trevor Cahill's 2015 baseball card
  • Grit jokes (A rock tumbler goes into a bar, and the bartender says, "grit out of here!") (YOU'RE WELCOME)
  • Game of Thrones coming back
  • Socially acceptable day drinking
  • Endless varieties of cased meats on buns
  • More opportunities to whine about Mark Trumbo