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Snake Bytes 3/27: The Spectre of Tommy John

Arizona's rotation awaits the recovery of Tommy John recipients Hudson, Corbin, and Arroyo. The Diamondback bullpen awaits the return of recipients, David Hernandez and Matt Reynolds. Now, the Diamondbacks' draft board has likely taken a hit as top lefty, Brady Aiken has undergone Tommy John to repair his undersized UCL.


Padres 3, Diamondbacks 3

Chase Anderson pitched around some early difficulties and A.J. Pollock continued to show why he is part of the future of this team. Meanwhile, Trevor Cahill had a mixed-bag outing in a minor league game with the end results being unpleasant while the walk to strikeout issue looked very good.

Spring Development

Marshall Finds Success in Attacking Zone

Evan Marshall has continued to refine his game, learning from experience in Reno and direction form special assistant, J.J. Putz, the value of attacking down in the zone, regardless of the situation. Looked at as a possible alternative for closer should the team need to shelf Reed, this could be a major development for the young power righty.

Hall on Hudson: "We're going to do what's best for him"

Many are remembering these days just how good Daniel Hudson was before he went down for Tommy John two seasons ago. Once a leading candidate to be a top of the rotation pitcher for a young team with playoff potential, Daniel Hudson is now fighting for the final spot in the rotation. Hudson isn't going to make it easy to put him in the bullpen. The velocity is back, hitting 96 on the radar gun. He is showing command of his pitches, and he is pitching with confidence. Despite all this, Hudson may still find himself in the bullpen as the team tries to do what is best for giving Hudson a long career in the majors.

Hale: Tomás Could Start in Minors

In a statement that should surprise almost no one, Chip Hale confirmed that Cuban power hitter, Yasmany Tomás could indeed start the season in the minor leagues, where he could wind up playing a combination of third base and left field.

Mark Trumbo Makes Seamless Transition to Right

With all of the attention on the battles for third base, left field, catcher, and especially the rotation, Arizona right fielder, Mark Trumbo, has mostly flown under the radar this spring. That suits Trumbo just fine. Given that Stewart announced, even before spring, both that the team would not trade Trumbo, and that he was the team's right fielder for 2015 there was very little reason to be too focused on what was happening in right field. Nonetheless, Mark Trumbo has had a good spring at the plate and has thus far avoided defensive faux pas that would be gif-worthy.

In Other News

Brady Aiken Undergoes Tommy John Surgery

Potential 2015 number one overall draft pick, Brady Aiken, underwent Tommy John surgery Wednesday. After being selected number one overall in 2014, the highly regarded left hander wound up in a very ugly dispute with the Houston Astros when the decreased their offer to him when it was discovered he had an undersized UCL. There were concerns about whether or not it could hold up and, if it did tear, what having such an undersized tendon would mean for recovery. It seems that, despite Aiken's doctors' assurances, that the Astros had some fairly legitimate concerns. While the surgery will unlikely knock Aiken out of the top half of the first round, it does make it far less likely he will be Arizona's pick at number one, especially given the concerns associated with recovery time and ability associated with the undersized UCL.