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Snake Bytes 3/26: More Predictions

As Spring Training enters the final stretch, industry prognosticators are making their calls on the chances for Arizona in 2015.

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Daily Digest

Cody Ross Primed for Comeback

They type and severity of the injury that brought an end to Cody Ross' 2013 season had many, including his doctors, wondering if he would ever be able to play again. Against most expectations, Ross not only came back, but came back early in the season. However, his time on the field in 2014 was unkind to him, as he showed all sorts of signs of aging and further recovery from his surgery. Now, with a full year and change to recover, Ross is healthier and in better physical shape than he has been since before the injury.

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ESPN's Keith Law: No Way Tomás Plays Third

You can add Keith Law to the rapidly growing list of doubters that Yasmany Tomás will ever be able to adequately play third base for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Sports Illustrated Makes 2015 Prediction for Arizona

Verducci worries about the depth of quality in the rotation, but has some other interesting takes on the rest of the team.

Chip Hale Speaks

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Live, Chip Hale explains his expectations for 2015.

5 Teams, 5 Tough Roster Decisions

The Diamondbacks rank among the teams with some of the hardest looming roster decisions.

Around MLB

Back to the Future Cancelled

It seems there will be no Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champion Rings for the fans of the Fresno Grizzlies after all.