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Infield Chatter Episode 5

Hang down your head, Tom Swifty Hang down your head and cry

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Apologies that this episode is late, I blame pre-installed ant-virus systems after a system refresh owned by fugitives. Anyway, here are some things discussed:

  • Some contemplation if Archie Bradley is being Kris Bryant'd in terms of service time right now
  • Two of us have read/are currently reading Up, Up, and Away and The Kid and we talk about those specific ones (We recommend both of them)
  • That spirals to a talk of Star Wars books, because these are the people recording the podcast and we can't help ourselves. You should be glad, because I cut about 10 minutes of Wheel of Time talk that I zoned out on, so it could have been worse.
  • If you can get through that, or skip to 38:33 in, we end on talking about Vintage Base Ball and a couple of events coming up in Arizona that are worth your time if you can get to them
  • More bagging on Ohio. We're nothing if not predictable.
Download it here, and stream it below. I'm going to try to get this on iTunes at some point soon, but I'm reeeeaalllly busy this week, you guys.