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New signings for AZ SnakePit

As rumbled about earlier in the month, we're having some roster changes at AZ SnakePit. We're delighted to announce the new arrivals today. Be gentle. :)

Adam Berry/Getty Images

The newcomers will be handling the series previews this year, and we've gone for a "previews by committee" approach, rather than tasking one person with covering them all, as we had last year. I think this approach will provide a lot of "different looks" for opposing teams, and hopefully help avoid the need for Tommy John surgery on any one person, due to excessive typing. All three names should be at least somewhat familiar, which gives me confidence in their abilities to engage in amicable discussion without resorting to shouting "NO YOUR A POOPYHEAD" four comments in.

The first preview of the week will be azbasebalfan, who has been a member here for close to a year. Meanwhile, the second preview will be adopting a platoon approach, coverage alternating between Makakilo (who joined the site in December 2013, and recently posted his thousandth comment), and the veteran presence of piratedan7, who dates all the way back to 2009, and has over 6,500 comments to his name here. We're very happy to have them on board, and look forward to seeing the variety of approaches they will bring to the table.