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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball 2015: Open for business

Let's get this fantasy party started. No, wait: I should probably rephrase that...

Patrick Bolger/Getty Images

Since fake games are starting in less than 24 hours, it seems like a good time to get our own fake games under way as well, as SnakePit Fantasy Baseball clears its throat for an amazing 11th season...

Premier Division

Invitations have already sent out to and been accepted by the top dozen managers from the Premier Division, where last year Trail-Hitters defeated The Rusty Tromboners 6-4 in the championship series. Both teams will return for the 2015 campaign. Spots will also be offered to the two highest-ranked teams from last year's Divisions 1-A and 1-B. That could be the champions, but only if they pipe up in the comments and claim their spot, so it might not be the top team. If you took part and finished above the highest-ranked team to have commented, throw your hat in the ring and you could be in line for promotion!

Divisions 1-A and 1-B

These are open to anyone and invites will be sent out to those expressing an interest in the comments. Generally, there's enough interest for two divisions of between 12-16 teams, with players assigned at random. It's basically standard rotisserie baseball, with five pitching categories (W, Sv, K, ERA and WHIP) and five hitting categories (R, SB, RBI, HR and BA), with a head-to-head format. Other settings are the discretion of the league commissioners: speaking of which, we're looking for two good SnakePitters to occupy that role for Divisions 1-A and 1-B. It's not exactly an onerous task, and if those who did it last year want to do so again, that would be fine by me.

As for everyone else, comment for an invite. I'll gather a list of those interested, split it into two (assuming there's enough interest) and send each half to a commissioner for invitation. Make sure the email address associated with your SnakePit username is up-to-date, because that's where the invitation will be going. This has been an issue before. I'll leave it at that! Let's say, entries will close no later than 11:59pm next Monday the 9th: I may do so earlier if there's a rush, but there may also be an extension as we typically need a couple of alternates for people that don't accept the invitation. Perhaps because their email address was wrong. [Sorry, sore point!]

Anyway, here's to a good season. May all your waiver wire pickups be Mike Trout!