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Woo-hoo! Tacos at five Arizona Diamondbacks runs in 2015, not six!

Not that I've ever taken advantage of this myself. but the popular Taco Bell giveaway for Diamondbacks offense will return in 2015, at an easier to obtain level.

Full disclosure: I have never availed myself of the offer of three free Taco Bell tacos (with the purchase of a large drink, between 4-6pm the following day, at participating restaurants). But I am still somewhat fond of the promotion, since it means the Diamondbacks are usually doing well. Last year, for example, Arizona were 25-4 in games where the following day brought free tacos (with the purchase of a large drink, between 4-6... Oh, let's take that as read for the rest of this article, shall we?). This is a cunning plot to make even those for whom Taco Bell is an option, only when you can't find a Jack in the Box, feel good about the brand.

But. next year, the promotion qualification is being loosened, with only five runs being required in order for the freebies to kick in. This is actually quite a big deal, because based on last year's results, it will almost double the number of Taco dates, from 29 to 56. However, this may also lead to rather more mixed feels about Taco Bell, since in those additional 27 contests, the Diamondbacks' record was 16-11. Still a winning one, but certainly a good deal less emphatic than the six-plus mark. Oh, and for a buck more, you can get them with tomatoes and sour cream, though this is now called "D-backs style" rather than "Miggy style."

Whether this the result of, and a reaction to, the declining output across all baseball is hard to say. Back in 2007, the old six-run mark would have been achieved by the Diamondbacks 45 times, rather than 29. Now, if we can just get 50% off pizza when we lose narrowly, as well as a win, my nutritional needs for 2015 will be settled...