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Diamondbacks make first roster moves of spring

As expected, the Arizona Diamondbacks wielded the knife on the spring roster for the first time, with seven players being reassigned.

Rob Tringali/Getty Images
Reassigned to Minor League camp:
  • RHP Blake Beavan
  • RHP Aaron Blair
  • LHP Justin Marks
  • C Matt Pagnozzi
  • RHP Braden Shipley
  • C Mark Thomas
  • OF Ben Francisco

Not an enormous degree if shock in any of these, though perhaps a bit surprised that Blair and Shipley didn't get to stick around longer than they have. Blair, in particular, seemed to do pretty well in his outings, but I think it's only a matter of time before we see both he and Shipley again. The cuts also reduce the field of competitors for the catchers' positions to six, but since Pagnozzi and Thomas were both severe outsiders in that particular chase, the situation can't be described as 25% clearer. And there will be no Ben Francisco on the D-backs roster. Dammit, I guess I don't have to start a petition to have him DFA'd, like one Yankee fan did in 2013.

The D-backs now have 56 players in camp, 40 from the 40-man roster and 16  non-roster players. Glad I got the NRI series finished yesterday. :)