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Infield Chatter Episode 4

"The (expletive deleted) you Ohio!" episode

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Here is a preview of things discussed on this episode:

  • We view the history of the Diamondbacks through the lens of a movie pitch
  • We delve into our Will Ferrell movie knowledge (That is to say, look at his IMDB page)
  • We make up facts about Baseball players from 1989 forgotten by history.
  • By popular demand, Devin introduces a vaguely Diamondbacks themed D&D/Pathfinder Campaign
  • We rail on Ohio for some reason
  • We really really really need the season to start
A few appendices. I make reference to The Radio Play that I worked on and edited and released last fall, so you should give that a listen.

Some links to some images that will make some things referenced make sense

As always, you can directly download the episode here or stream it below