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How the 2015 season could go horribly wrong for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Is it even possible to get even worse after 2014?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to imagine that the 2015 season could be worse than 2014. With all our young players, decreased payroll, comeback seasons, an a new front office, how could it possibly be worse? While nothing may be as bad as the 2014 season, here's how this season can turn into a disaster.

Disappointing players continue to disappoint

Probably the most obvious reason why 2014 was so crappy was because of players, who have performed decently in the past, all of a sudden turning to crap. This would include Aaron Hill, Mark Trumbo, Addison Reed, Trevor Cahill, and many others. The biggest key to the Diamondbacks turn around this season is if all the players perform the way we know they can. If not, it's going to be another long year.

Injury Bug

Of course teams are going to have their fair share of injuries throughout the season, but the D'backs had it worse than most. With only the Texas Rangers having more DL stints than the D'backs in 2014, we need everyone as healthy as possible. I mean, David Peralta was our #3 hitter for most of the second half. No disrespect to David - a great player - but that just shouldn't happen. With Chris Owings, A.J Pollock, Mark Trumbo, and of course, Paul Goldschmidt all hopefully returning back to 100% form, this season can't be as bad.

But if not, well, let's just hope Tuffy isn't batting third come July.

Offense doesn't break out (Cough Mark Trumbo and Yasmany Tomas)

Let's face it, if the D'backs are going to compete this year, then they're going to have to win with their bats. This mostly will rely on Yasmany Tomas and Mark Trumbo backing up Goldy. If those two don't show up, then it will be incredibly hard for the offense to keep up with the pitching.

Defense (Cough Mark Trumbo and Yasmany Tomas)

No pressure, right, guys?

Let's think about this. Two players who not only have the responsibility of backing up Goldy, but they'll also be playing secondary positions. Not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, though Trumbo should have a simpler job, moving from one corner outfield position to the other. It has been a worry for fans this spring, and neither have exactly impressed so far, with Tomas in particular showing limited range at third-base.

Pitching still sucks

And speaking of pitching, why not talk about that for a second? The D'backs pitching was among the worst in MLB last year, finishing with an era of 4.26. It's safe to say that's still our biggest weakness - specifically the starting pitching. Josh Collmenter is our opening day starter. He couldn't even make the pitching staff for a .500 team. (Although he was so dominant in his long relief role, there was really no point, but you get the idea.) One can only hope our young pitching shows up. I wouldn't count on it though...

Reed and the long ball

Reed had an era of 4.25, six blown saves, and gave up eleven home runs. Not what you want from your closer. The biggest problem was indeed that long ball, which completely inflated his stats. He showed some signs of improving the second half, but this team simply can't afford him to give up the homers left and right. It will already be hard enough to win with our terrible starting pitching, crappy defense, and average offense; Reed giving up the lead in the ninth will make us even worse!


We all like to have faith, but the D'backs will be in major trouble if everything on this list happens. Let's just hope the opposite happens because if not, look for a 2014 repeat - or, god forbid, worse still.