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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball update

It's been a week since we first called for entries, so let's have a quick update...

Another trophy that isn't the World Series one...
Another trophy that isn't the World Series one...
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Since it doesn't appear that the winner of one league claimed their spot, invites have been sent to the winner and runner-up of the 18-team league to take over in Division 1 for the coming season. Those have been sent to Steven Burt and AJV19 (the latter being the first runner-up to post). The former has already claimed his place: if the latter doesn't show up, we'll then move to the other runner-up, who was biglakejake.

I have the following names that expressed an interest in a lower tier.

Let me know if you expressed interest on the previous post, but aren't listed. That's 18 teams at the present. It's a bit of an awkward size; perhaps slightly too big for one league, slightly too small for two. There would likely be a certain attrition rate though, of people not accepting the invite, so we might end up at 16, which would be okay, I think. However, if anyone else is interested, I can add you to the list for now, though be aware, we'll probably have to draw a line at some point. If we get 24 active participants in total, that'd seem about right, for two leagues of 12.

We also need one or two commissioners. There's not much involved beyond the initial set-up, and since we're mostly at default settings, that's fairly simple. I'll send you the list of email addresses as appropriate, you send out invites, and we figure out any road-bumps from there to make sure you have an even number of teams, etc.