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Sunday Sporcle: Party Like It's 1999

In our sophomore season, we had one of the biggest turnarounds in the modern era, and reached the playoffs for the first time? But how many of the players responsible do you remember?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There are two sections to this one. The main one is to see how many of the 25 players who were on the D-backs post-season roster that year you can name. For these, your clue is the main position they played that season (not necessarily during the playoffs), and they are in alphabetical order. For bonus credit, you can then also, if you wish, attempt to name the 18 other players who were used during the regular season, but not in the post-season. These are mostly a good deal tougher, so as well as the position, for those you also get their initials. They are in descending order of games played.

As usual, last names only are fine. I think a decent target would be to get 17 of the 25 on the post-season roster, but if you remember half or more of the other 18 players used, I think you will be doing very well.