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Snake Bytes 2/5: Two More Weeks

Someone get Derrick Hall on the phone. The Diamondbacks need a pointless press conference filled with mostly-meaningless info so we can have something to discuss around here.

Ziegler Eyes Opening Day

The Diamondback's groundball-inducing right is recovering from microfracture surgery on his plant leg. Despite his recover lasting into Spring Training, he is hoping to be ready to go by the time the season opens. A notable take from the article is Ziegler's thoughts on health, diet, and conditioning.

The Diamondbacks' Catching Situation

J.J. Cooper (Baseball America)and Mike Petriello (Fangraphs) both examine the Arizona Diamondbacks' current plan for catcher. Coming from different angles, both arrive at the same conclusion, Dave Stewart looks to be gambling very long with the current crop of talent.

Around MLB

Ever Team's Top-3 Rivals

Sports on Earth ranks the top three rivals for ever team. Unsurprisingly, Arizona does not top anyone's list these days.

Royal Marketing

The Kansas City Royals have kicked off their marketing campaign for the 2015 season. I have to say, the new focus on their speed and small ball is refreshing, and it looks pretty impressive.

Another Radical Idea for Manfred

Dave Cameron presents another radical idea for new Commissioner Rob Manfred that addresses the disparity that exists when it comes to signing international and even amateur players. Step one, eliminate the draft.