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30 for 30 Short “An Immortal Man”: Ted Williams and Cryonics

The latest film in the 30 for 30 Shorts series tells the bizarre tale of the efforts to preserve Ted Williams after the great hitter’s death. “An Immortal Man,” co-directed by Josh Koury and Myles Kane, premiered today on

Red Sox legend Ted Williams grew up in front of America during baseball’s golden age. He served his country as an ace fighter pilot in Korea and was the last man to ever hit over .400 for a season. This story isn’t about how he lived, but about the mystery surrounding his world after his death. Williams’s head (yes, his head) is preserved in cryostasis in a facility, here in Arizona. How this came to be, remains a mystery shrouded in claims that his children mistreated him and wrapped in a notorious dirty cocktail napkin.

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