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SnakePit Spring Training Fest: March 22nd

Prodded by Esther, an executive decision has been made: March 22nd, on the lawn at Salt River Fields

The plan is pretty simple:

  1. Buy your own tickets for the lawn
  2. Turn up
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

Usually, this involves someone - probably us (though Mrs. SnakePit's attendance is uncertain, since she's already asking off work for the Sunday before and the Sunday after, for family purposes) showing up early, to snag a good spot near the base of the berm in right field. However, saving space is probably not something that's going to be possible, since weekend games at Salt River Fields do have a tendency to sell out. We'll do what we can, with our combination of anti-personnel devices, drones and the SnakePit attack panther, but I'd recommend the sooner you get there, the better if you want to be among 10,000 of our closest friends.

Plumped for the 22nd in the end, because the following Sunday's game - the last weekend one at SRF - became a split-squad game, with half the team heading off to Hermosillo. So figured the 22nd gave us a good chance of seeing most of the regulars, and by that point in spring, they should be playing for more than three innings. It's against the Colorado Rockies, with whom we should be fairly familiar, since we get to play them five times in spring training. We also see the San Francisco Giants five times, including a bizarre split-squad game on Sunday 8th, when BOTH halves of our squad are playing them.

Anyway, this is all very informal, so just show up and hang with us. Or say "Hi". Or whatever. We're kinda flexible about that kinda thing. But be prepared to yell at whoever is playing in right-field. It's a SnakePit tradition, y'know.