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Yoan Moncada signs with Boston: No Cuban triple-decker sandwich for Arizona

Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada will not be joining Yasmany Tomas and Yoan Lopez in the desert, after signing with the Boston Red Sox for a fee reported to be around $31.5 million.

Crappy screenshot is only available photo.
Crappy screenshot is only available photo.'s Jesse Sanchez, who has pretty much been the first with any Cuban news this winter, broke this one again on Twitter:

The amount the player gets will, however, be only half the cost to the Red Sox. Like the Diamondbacks with Yoan Lopez, but on a much larger scale, they have also blown far past the international signing bonus pool amount, so Boston will have to pay the same again in "luxury tax", meaning the signing in effect is a $63 million one. Obviously, it shatters the record for an international amateur signing, which was held by Lopez, due to the $8.27 million deal signed with Arizona. I wonder if the new stream of availability for Cuban players will speed up progress towards an international draft?

The good news is, this means neither halves of the Evil Empire in Los Angeles and New York get him. So: suck it, Dodgers. It's being reported that the Yankees offered $25 million for Lopez, and were willing to throw a couple of million on top if necessary, but even that would have left them well short of the Red Sox offer. The Dodgers, meanwhile, now appear to be saying Moncada wasn't worth it.

We won't know for a while, since Moncada is still only 19 years old, so will likely spent a significant amount of time in the minor leagues before being deemed ready for the majors.