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Open Oscar Gameday Thread

There are two occasions a year where we acknowledge the possibility of life outside baseball. One is the annual thread to discuss commercial advertisements, occasionally interrupted by heavily-padded men throwimg an oblate spheroid around. Tonight is the other.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

There were some disappointing snubs from this year's list. Did Penelope Cruz not make any movies this year? Why was Sharknado 2 not nominated for Best Picture? I must admit to not having seen a single one of the films listed for Best Picture, but I think this simply gives me a clear head, untroubled by the weight of actual knowledge, on which to base my opinion. It seems like Birdman appears the favorite for the big prize, and is perhaps the only one with a chance at more than a scattering - it doesn't seem we'll see a Return of the King like sweep, that's for certain.

Anyway, I do not expect to be able to contribute particularly heavily to the discussion this year, since the only film I've seen with any significant nominations is Wild, which got both Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern mentioned for Actress and Supporting Actress. They were both worthy enough, I suppose. I'm also waiting for Dbacksskins to storm Hollywood over the omission of The Lego Movie from the Best Animated Feature category, which seems kinda odd. I mean, How to Train Your Dragon 2 gets in? I dunno, was that better? Still, hopefully Everything is Awesome wins for best song.

And the Oscar goes to...