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Fanfest in Arizona Diamondbacks Tweets

Yes, we were there. We came, we saw, we heard Bronson Arroyo singing Pink Floyd. But while we shuffle all our thoughts and photos into some semblance of order, here are a few impressions from others, in 140 characters or less.

@dbacks, via Twitter

The Diamondbacks reputation as a good workplace is in tatters after this bit of new employee harassment in full view of the public at Chase Field today.

Actually, this is just the latest installment in a long-running "feud" between J.J. Putz and D-backs PR guy, Jim Myers. Today, it was Myers that came out ahead. But I'd watch my back if I were him...

Seriously. I am definitely present and visible. Though it took Blade Runner-esque levels of zooming and enhancing before I could spot myself!