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Where to Eat Around Scottsdale Stadium

Nom noms and drinks abound in Old Town

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Living only a mile from the Giants springtime home means that I am quite familiar with any and all places to drink and/or eat in the immediate area.

Beer Time

Got to satisfy your beer fix before the game too.

Pre-Gaming (read drinking) locations:

  • The Blue Moose:  An Old Town standby and absolutely packed pre-game spot.  Great burgers and decent beer, it's a short 5min walk from the stadium and a great place to save you hard earned beer money from the harsh stadium pricing.
  • Rusty Spur Saloon:  A king among dive bars and a complete hole in the wall as well.  Seriously, it's teeny tiny and the oldest bar in Scottsdale celebrating 60yrs in existence.  Live music and heavy on the western theme; you'll feel out of place without your jeans and boots for certain.
  • The Coach House:  This is a Scottsdale institution and probably has the coolest Christmas light display......when it's that time of year.  Though a bit of a walk from the stadium (1mi) it's probably the funnest place to load up on beers and has a great patio to boot.

beer shower

Don't be that guy......

Pre-Gaming, but with better food and better beer:

  • The Braut Haus:  One of the first of the new wave of beer bars to grace the Old Town scene this is also one of the only places you can order a 2L boot of long as you're "sharing".  As the name implies this establishment is very German centric in it's food choices, or at least pork sausage based like one of their burger option with sausage patties. 
  • The Union Barrel House:  God help us all, their gravy covered fresh cut fries might kill you before you even get into the game.  That and their excellent tap list as well.  Located right next to the Braut Haus this gastropub will satisfy your elitist beer palate and your hunger as well.


If only uniforms were this awesome.


  • El Molino Mexican Cafe:  My personal favorite and they make a killer carne asada.  Located right off where Scottsdale Rd meets Goldwater it's a quiet a unassuming spot to get your Mexican food fix and perhaps a Tacate or two before going to the stadium.
  • Los Olivos Mexican Patio:  If you need to be closer to the stadium (5min walk) and need to see some very strange architecture. Los Olivos is for you.  Strange cement work both inside and out along with equally strange windows, but excellent food. 
  • Frank & Lupes:  You'd swear Scottsdale was built around this place.  Serving Scottsdale and baseball pilgrims for 25yrs this is a little farther from the game (15min walk) but their food is worth it as well as the margaritas.

It's Old Town, so there are many more places to experience and go to than what I listed above, but I'll let you the reader find that out for yourself.