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Trumbo beats Diamondbacks in arbitration

Mark Trumbo will be paid $6.9 million next season after winning the first arbitration hearing involving the Diamondbacks this decade.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The last arbitration case for the Arizona Diamondbacks was all the way back in 2001 with Damian Miller. Through multiple front-office regiemes and uniform changes, there was not a sniff of a hearing for a current Diamondback. Until now, until Mark Trumbo. He will be paid $6.9 Million next season, a $1.6 Million upgrade from what the Diamondbacks had offered.

Last season, Trumbo made $4.8 Million. He played in 88 games and hit .235/.293/.415 with 14 Home Runs last campaign. He missed a large chunk of time because of a stress fracture in his left foot, which also had some plantar fasciitis.

To editorialize a bit: I am more than a little surprised, considering how disappointing and injury-riddled Trumbo's 2014 campaign was, but his agent must have made one hell of a case, and should probably get a lot of that salary upgrade.