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Numbers by Numbers

Ever wonder which uniform numbers have produced the most fWAR for the D-backs? Neither do I but here it is anyway.

The chart below is a render of every uniform number worn in the franchise's history and the success tied to it. Each column is represented by the player who accumulated the most fWAR (Sedona red) for that uniform number along with the total fWAR of all players combined (Sonoran sand). Moral of the story is that if you have #21, you are bad and you should feel bad.

Note: I used fWAR because it was the easiest high-level statistic to plug and play with. For the few occasions where a player had multiple uniform numbers during their tenure, I used the number that appeared in the most games. If anyone is interested in the complete breakdown by jersey number - click here for the Google Doc - there are some names on there that will stir up some emotions for sure.

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