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Infield Chatter:The AZ Snakepit Podcast

We retire one weekly media feature and go to a less technologically complex one

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

I am announcing right off the bat that the AZ Snakepit Video Roundtable is no more. However, those of you who pine for Snakepit branded media content can still be satiated with the introduction of our very own podcast, Infield Chatter. (Get it? Cause it's like people chatting about Baseball, and infield chatter is a thing that happens there.)

First off, the reason we decided to eschew the roundtable. While it was a fun format and was the genesis for some good discussions whenever turtles came into play, the fact that it was a live event sometimes made planning for the participants difficult, and sometimes it felt from our audience that if they weren't around for the live event, then it wasn't worth it to catch the rerun.

Switching to the admittedly lower-tech Podcast format accomplishes a few things that we couldn't do with the roundtable:

1. The ability to record whenever (Not be beholden to Sunday at 8 PM)

2. The ability to edit out awkward pauses, get smoother transitions, soco putting his kids to bed etc.

3. The ability for you, the listener, to download and take the audio of the podcast wherever you want. You can listen at your computer, on your phone, your MP3 player, etc.

So with me probably unnecessarily justifying this decision out of the way, let's move on to the sort of things you'll hear on this podcast. As you might be aware, two other Diamondbacks related podcasts have entered the zeitgeist. Firstly, there's the simply titled Dbacks Podcast, which mainly consists of team insiders being interviewed by team announcers/broadcasters. Also, there is The Pool Shot Podcast, maintained by the fine folks at Inside the Zona.

So there's obviously a booming cottage industry of D-backs podcasts. What will set ours apart will be a focus more on more offbeat commentary. That's not to say we're going full comedy podcast with only a passing mention of the Diamondbacks, but discussing the absurdity or more humorous happenings of the Diamondbacks and Baseball in general will be the goal. (A goal made much harder now that Kevin Towers is gone, granted.)

But, that's not all that will happen. As was the case with the old Video Roundtable, we will take your questions and answer them. We'll most likely solicit them over the Snakepit twitter and Facebook pages before we record.

We're also looking to get guests on the show in the form of writers from other blogs of other teams, because what the managing editor of Royals Review thinks about turtles is something that you should know about.

I'm also open to receiving audio submissions from you. Yes, you. If you've got the ability to record stuff on your own, and you've got an opinion/observation/whatever that is best expressed vocally, record it and send the file (MP3 or WAV preferred) to Obviously, that's no guarantee that it will be on the show, as I might weed out your 15-minute rant about how Mark Trumbo is putting Barium in the water and Cody Ross is controlling interest rates with his strikeout totals.


Check that, I'm actually more likely to use it if it's something along those lines.

The first episode will drop next Sunday evening , in the meantime, feel free to leave any questions you want answered in the comments below.