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Happy Addison Reed Settlement Day

Well, that didn't take long, did it?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

  • 10:13am. Article discussing the arbitration process in depth posted.
  • 10:28am.

I think I just got trolled by Addison Reed. :) Well, at least he had the good grace to wait until after I had posted the article, before the news came out. I think you can probably expect to see it rehashed in the next week or so, as Mark Trumbo makes his way towards arbitration, so it won't be entirely wasted.

The figure is well below the mid-point between the club offer ($4.7 million) and the player's counter-offer ($5.6 million), perhaps reflecting a realization he probably wouldn't have won the case had he gone forward: better to take the sure thing of an extra couple of hundred thousand. I wonder if he gets a discount on the cost of his representation as a result of the hearing being aborted? Either way, it's a good deal higher than the projected figure of $3.8 million estimated by MLB Trade Rumors at the start of the off-season, so I don't think he'll be short of a sandwich for the coming year.