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Snake Bytes 2/12: The Home Stretch

Only one more week before pitchers and catchers report. We're almost there folks!

Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks First on Schoenfield's List of 2015 Predictions

ESPN baseball analyst David Schoenfield has released his predictions for each of the 30 teams in baseball. The Diamondbacks made the list as the very first team. Unfortunately, that's because Schoenfield has them pegged to again finish dead last in all of baseball, predicting a 66-96 record on the season.

Is Bronson Arroyo's Contract Among the Worst in Baseball?

Adam Green examines an article b Jonah Keri of Grantland, where Bronson Arroyo's contract finds its way into the discussion of the worst contracts in the game.

Chip Hale is the Captain of this Ship

In speaking with Doug and Wolf, Chip Hale makes it very clear that, despite the presence of Tony La Russa above him in the front office, the Diamondbacks will be Hale's team in 2015.

Will 2015 Be the Year of the Comeback?

Despite making numerous changes to the 25-man roster since the disastrous April of 2014, the Diamondbacks are still relying heavily on rebound seasons from numerous players in 2015 in their attempt to climb out of last place.

Corbin Sticking to the Plan

For very obvious reasons, the fans in Arizona are eager for the return of Patrick Corbin to the starting rotation. Even as he struggles to regain his dominant form in a post-surgery world, Corbin is looks to possibly be one of the best arms in the rotation. That day is still some time off though, as the team has decided (especially after the Daniel Hudson fiasco) to err on the side of extreme caution with the young left-hander, putting his recovery timetable of the 15-month curve.

Tomás Making Strides

And Green has been working with improving the defensive game of Yasmany Tomás. So far, it appears he likes what he sees.

Around MLB

San Diego's ‘Win now' Attitude Key to Signing Shields

Despite having played in the World Series last October, Shields decided he needed to find a new team to play for. That team wound up being the San Diego Padres, whose off-season of multiple high-profile moves worked to convince the right-hander that the team was ready to get him back to October baseball.

Moncada in Comparison

Jim Callis from compares Moncada's prospect grades with other top-100 prospects looking for some comparable talent. The final analysis might best be summed up as Carlos Correa-lite. If Moncada really is already equivalent to the #3 prospect in all of baseball, the price tag he commands in the next two weeks will seem like money well spent, regardless of the two-year signing penalty.

Maddon Speaks Out on Pace of Play Talk

In what seems clear to be a talking point all season long, given new commissioner Rob Manfred's focus on the topic, Joe Maddon speaks out against what seems to be a rising urgency by baseball to increase the pace of play.