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Arizona Diamondbacks trade: Shelby Miller acquired from Braves

Well, this is a bombshell and a half.

Butch Dill/Getty Images

As yet, there's absolutely no word on what might be going the other way from the Diamondbacks. The two sides have been in frequent communications, but with Atlanta wanting A.J. Pollock, discussions seemed to have hit the back burner, with both teams moving on to other alternatives. However, I'm inclined to believe Ken Rosenthal, as he was 100% accurate with his (initially much-derided) report about the Diamondbacks getting Zack Greinke. We'll be waiting to see exactly what Atlanta have managed to pry out of Arizona: is it perhaps one of our other outfielders, such as David Peralta? Stay tuned. We'll be frantically refreshing Twitter on your behalf...

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