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Arizona Diamondbacks trade rumors: Out on Shelby Miller or not?

Conflicting reports from Nashville this morning on whether or not we are still pursuing Shelby Miller/.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of those situation where you have signals pointing in completely different directions, although both reporters hedge their bets sufficiently, it would take a harsh fan to be able to call either "wrong". First, here's Bob Nightengale:

As long as the Braves are still not getting A.J. Pollock, this would seem worth pursuing, though I doubt Atlanta are moving very far from their earlier, exorbitant demands. They're probably asking for Greinke now... Given this, it would be wise to walk away, and's Mark Bowman says, that's what the Diamondbacks appear to be doing.

Which is another reason to go elsewhere, because plenty of interest - as you'd expect in a market where Chad Qualls just signed a $12 million contract! [with LOLorado] - likely results in a need for the winner to overpay. Though you could still overpay, and fall short of Atlanta's demands, I think, so we'll see if Miller ends up getting traded at all.

And seems we aren't the only people in the same boat.. Does any of this sound familiar?