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Arizona Diamondbacks trade rumors: Kenta Maeda off the board

It's funny how things change. Just a few days ago, we were "Kenta Maeda or bust!". Now... Apparently not so much.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I'm just glad I didn't get round to writing up anything much on Maeda, as it looks like that would have been a waste of time. Procrastination for the win! The news doesn't come as much surprise. Maeda probably would have been an improvement on the back end of the rotation as we ended 2015, but with Grienke added and the team still apparently looking for another pitcher, his status as an upgrade become a good deal murkier. This seems to be confirmed by Ken Rosenthal:

Though Rosenthal is speaking about Mike Leake, I think the same would likely apply to Maeda. I think another young starter with potential upside and control - perhaps think Robbie Ray, v.2015? - is probably more likely, dealing from our outfield strength, if you pushed me for specifics.