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SnakePit Round Table: To the winter meetings!

A pretty memorable week for the Diamondbacks: new uniforms and a new ace! The SnakePit staff chats about that, and looks forward to the winter meetings, which start today in Nashville.

How concerned were you that the D-backs appeared to have missed out on the top tier of free-agent starters?

PirateDan7 - whocoulddanode?

James - I was somewhat concerned what their Plan B was and how it might hurt the team going forward. At least the pain of this signing will be somewhat offset by the early application of "Suck it LA!" salve.

Battlemoses - I wasn't expecting much to be honest. I like others thought the whole Cueto interest was just a PR ruse, and that we'd just end up with another Cody Ross or Bronson Arroyo type signing instead.

Clefo - Acceptance

Steven - Disappointed at first, considering the deals we made last season to free up money for a TOR pitcher.

Jim - Concerned enough to consider writing an article about how this seemed disturbingly similar to 2013, when we said we were going to get a top-level starter, made a good effort at one (Masahiro Tanaka)... and ended up with Bronson Arroyo. Fortunately, I was also not concerned enough to start writing it. [Sorry, James!]

Nate- I never thought the D-Backs would sign one of the top guys, thinking they would get 2 mid-tier guys. This plan seemed acceptable to me, so there was never any concern in my mind.

The D-backs offered Johnny Cueto $120 million for six years. Was that too little, too much or about right in terms of his value?

PirateDan7 - he's no Zack Greinke, as such, if you're going to spend the money, might as well spend it on a proven commodity. Who knew that the Cueto offer looked like Plan B?

James - I still think 6/120 was always a somewhat low offer and on the very conservative side for Cueto. Given what Zimmermann signed for (and now Greinke) I still think Cueto at least hits $24 MM AAV.

BattleMoses - Too little to realistically expect him to sign, I think. I wouldn't expect him to come off the board for less than 6/140 or so.

Steven - It was a tad too low, but a fine enough offer to throw out there. Cueto will get paid, and I'm happy it wasn't by us.

Jim: In the light of subsequent events, we either dodged a bullet in his non-acceptance, or this was a masterstroke of diversionary tactic by the front-office. He'll certainly get more than that now, with every other Tier-A and Tier-B starter signed, and a bunch of teams still in need of starting, but I think that was a reasonable enough first offer, considering at the time nobody had yet signed.

Nate- He definitely wasn't going to sign for that money, and will end up making much more money, but I like the offer. Why not throw one out there? The worst he can do is say no.

Zack Greinke is now a Diamondback. What are your feels?

PirateDan7 - NUMB

James - So long as the Diamondbacks are not yet done, I love that they got a difference maker to help them through the next three years. After those years are up, let's see what we still have left.

BattleMoses - He's a tremendous jerk, but he's OUR tremendous jerk now. I'll hate him still, but enjoy him for what he is. A solid TOR guy.

Clefo - KermitTheFrogFlailingArmsDotGif

Steven - insanity.

Jim - Yes, I will take that 48 oz. ThirstBuster of Giants/Dodgers fans bitter, bitter tears, with unlimited refills, thank you very much. I'd rather he wasn't such a jerk (just glad Eric Hinske still isn't around!), but the last time we signed a free-agent starting pitcher with a jerkish reputation seemed to work out okay, as I recall. The next three years promise to be fun - though I'm sure San Diego fans thought the same thing, about 12 months ago.

Nate- Pure disbelief and excitement.

Fast forward four years, to after the 2019 season. Predict what you will be thinking then.

PirateDan7 - That Ken Kendrick had the balls to let the baseball guys do baseball things. Pleasantly surprised.

James - That I really wish the Diamondbacks had done more to move Yasmany Tomas before his escalating contract helped create a payroll crunch that made Pollock and Goldy harder to extend. Oh, did you mean about Greinke? I think I'll still be fine with the contract. I'm the guy that said to give him $35 MM AAV over 5 years to get him here.

BattleMoses - That the Greinke contract is looking awful good as only now during the middle of the 2019 season is Zack Greinke looking like less than a top of the rotation starter.

Steven - I can't believe the Diamondbacks have won 4 straight World Series'! Man what a signing Grienke has been!

Jim- I want to see AT LEAST two playoff runs from the D-backs during those four seasons. Anything less will not be acceptable. Hopefully more, and hopefully deep runs into the post-season, though that is, as ever, a crapshoot. That's the upside. The downside? Greinke's elbow exploded and we're looking at paying one-third of our payroll for replacement level work. This is probably the biggest fork in the road for the franchise since it was founded.

Nate- Wow, the last 4 seasons have been awesome! That world series ring (or two or three or four) looks good on Greinke. It's not my money which will be spent the next 2 years.

Should the D-backs still go after Kenta Maeda?

PirateDan7 - yes

James - I would not be upset to see them do so, but I think they can find better or equal performance for less money.

BattleMoses - Yeah, I'd love to see him in teal, grey, and red.

Steven - Might as well. Post the fee and see what the going rate is for him. If he gets too expensive, pull out of the running and readjust.

Jim - He's an option, but the $20 million posting fee is likely more of a roadblock than it was before the Greinke signing.

Nate- Like Jim said, the 20 million posting fee will be a large problem if the D-Backs are looking to spend a max of 100 million this year. If the 20 million dollar fee gets tacked onto this year's payroll, I don't think they have a shot at him because of the money available.

How much do you think he'll get in terms of a contract?

PirateDan7 - I'm guessing they may go 4/75M

James - With wehre tier-2 FA pitching is going, I think he might actually hit 5/80 + the $20 MM posting fee.

Battlemoses - 4/75M like Dan said I think.

Steven - He'll compete with Samardzija's contract and fall just short. $17MM per year sounds about right.

Jim: Think it helps he's younger than the free agents, so I tend to think he will get five years rather than four. And having the rest of the market clear out so early will likely help push his price higher. 5/$85M for me.

Will he become a Diamondback?

PirateDan7 - YES, the pressure is off, he gets to perform in an awesome environment, with young up and coming professionals. What's not to like?

James - Unlikely, IMHO. I think he is all but a Dodger at this point, especially since he actually likes LA.

Battlemoses - I don't think so. From What I've been reading it sounds like he's sold on LA and as we all know, eventually sooner or later Yankees West get what they want.

Steven - I think we'll end up trading for a starter rather than signing another. With Greinke signed, we might not have enough money to go after him.

Jim - If you'd asked me that question on Thursday, I'd have said "Almost certainly." Now, I'd put the chance at maybe 30%. We'll make a due diligence effort, but there are now other options for the role we need filled - which is no longer an ace pitcher.

Nate- Highly unlikely. Not enough money to get him

What remains to get done at the winter meetings?


James - I would like an upgrade at 2B and possibly another starter to slot #3 in the rotation. If not a starter, then at least another solid bullpen piece for the high leverage situations. I think another starter is better though, as it strengthens both the rotation and forces a better arm into the bullpen.

Battlemoses - I'd like a better 2B as well, I also think we really need to get a solid bullpen piece. We're really not that many pieces from looking like a totally legit playoff team but I think we really need to get the BP fixed up or face the return of the dreaded OCHO from 2009.

Steven - I think we're fine at 2nd, with Gosselin deserving a chance after his late season performance. Trading for a pitcher is mandatory, with some supporting relief options needed. I'm for trading Inciarte to make that a reality. Brito impressed enough for me to be that 4th outfielder.

Jim: A lot less than I was expecting, that's for sure. I kinda went over my expectations in detail elsewhere, but in order: a) another starter, b) bullpen help, c) catcher backup. Then d) done.

Nate- Some bullpen help is needed, but La Russa and Stewart better be smart about who they go after. Don't fall under the influence of saves. It would also be nice to get another mid level starter, maybe a veteran guy we keep for 2-3 years. I feel really good about the lineup, no need to mess with that.

What about those uniforms, eh?

PirateDan7 - They'll look awesome if we're winning, won't they?

James - They are what they are. I like some of them. I have no feelings one way or the other about some of them. I honestly miss the black uniforms from the purple and teal days. I would have LOVED to see some copper accenting in the new ones.

Battlemoses - The more I look at em, the more I like em. Especially those teal and grey ones.

Steven - I'm a huge fan. Anything the D-backs do to make a splash in the social world I'm a big fan. Make a ripple and get some new fans in the building.

Jim - Don't like one? No worries, there'll be another along in a minute! The dark grey was my personal favorite, but I'm sure they'll all look very nice when they're plunging into the pool in October 2016.

Nate- Nothing to go crazy over, in a good or bad way. Not a fan of the home unis. I do really like the alternates with teal lining and lettering, hopefully they break those out a lot.