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Snake Bytes 12/31: Year-End Edition

Closing out the year as the Diamondbacks hibernate through the baseball-free wasteland of late-December and early-January.

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Diamondbacks Quietly Looking for Additional Upgrades

Despite having gone quiet since making two of the biggest moves of the offseason, the Arizona Diamondbacks still have areas where they would like to improve.

Diamondbacks Hold Discussions with Howie Kendrick

In an attempt to bolster production at second base, the Diamondbacks have had talks with Howie Kendrick's people.

Yankees Construct Ludicrous Bullpen

Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Dellin Betances are now all in the same bullpen - enough said.

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Dodgers Ink Scott Kazmir

With the addition of Kazmir, the Dodgers have added some stability to their rotation. They may have also just created the rare all-lefty rotation, assuming that the front-runners all open the season in the rotation.

MLB End-of-Year Legal Roundup

A brief look at the major legal decisions that shaped MLB in 2015.

Strange But True Facts of 2015

Every year Jayson Stark puts together a list of strange but true statistical anomalies that popped up during the course of the season. The Diamondbacks figure prominently into two of them.