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Diamondbacks Evolution Open Thread

Tonight, the Diamondbacks will be revealing their new uniforms. We'll have a full report from the unveiling at Chase later on, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of social media activity first! So, feel free to engage in hawt sportz takez here!

@dbacks, via Twitter

We already discussed the announcement of the new uniforms, and there were some whispers in the comments about what the change might be. I was quite surprised to discover that the current uniforms have been around for over nine years, being revealed in November 2006, at the Valley Ho hotel in Scottsdale. I guess that makes it about time for a change - and presumably also makes my current gear, now fall into the category of "vintage". Does that mean they'll be playing #ThrowbackThursdays in Sedona Red from now on? And if so, what does that make my really old stuff? Will they be having #SuperannuatedSaturdays for the purple and teal?

All these questions, and more, will (perhaps) be answered during tonight's launch at Chase Field. I'm hoping they troll everyone by sending out Paul Goldschmidt in something neon green with pink spots, just for the heck of it. But, if not, you can discuss your first reactions to the new unis here, until I get home and post a properly illustrated piece later tonight!

(Here is a direct link to the stream)