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Snake Bytes 12/24: Not a Creature is Stirring

As the New Year looms, we now enter the dreaded two-month window of baseball doldrums.

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For Tomás the Time is Now

For the second season in a row, the Diamondbacks are taking a big gamble on Yasmany Tomás.

Ideal Holiday Gifts for Every Team

What tops the Christmas wish list for each of the teams in baseball?

Looking for 10 WAR Players

Who in the minor leagues looks like the next Alex Rodrigues, and should teams realistically expect to find one?

Examining the value of the Mike Leake Contract

The St. Louis Cardinals just signed Mike Leake to a 5-year/$80 MM contract. Major mistake? Overpay? Certainty cost? A contract right in line with expectations? Which is it?

Smoltz In, Reynolds and Verducci Out

HOF pitcher John Smoltz will join Joe Buck in the booth for Fox's primary game coverage.

3 Stunning Trades

Every year around this time, Jim Duquette puts together an eyebrow-raising list of potential trades that could shake up divisional races in a hurry. This year's list, while somewhat short, is no less mind-boggling.