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New SnakePit writers ahoy!

Delighted to announce that preston.salisbury and freeland1787 will be joining the team for the coming season.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

preston has been with the SnakePit since May 2013, and will be well-known for his fanposts, which I usually end up promoting to the front page! While I'm sure this won't be all we hear from hin, he's replacing I Suppose I'm a Pessimist on Snake Bytes, as ISIaP has found the pressures of "real life" (whatever that is) encroaching on his SnakePit duties. freeland has been a member since August 2011 and will be coming on particularly to work with John B on the minor-league and farm prospect side of things.

I'm sure you'll join me in welcoming them: they have both shown themselves valuable and useful members of the community, and I'm glad to have them on board in an official capacity.