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On the first day of Christmas, the D-backs gave to me...

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Before we start. Yes, I know today is not technically the first of the 12 days of Christmas, which are supposed to run from Christmas Day through to January 5. This is because, let's face it, nobody much gives a damn what happens after New Year's Day, because we all go back to work and start trying to lose weight, while complaining about New Year's resolutions. Besides, in the modern calendar as ordained by when stores start putting out their festive aisle, there are actually around 80 days of Christmas, beginning somewhere round about two weeks before Halloween. And do not get me started on when some people in my neighborhood put up their decorations...

Anyway. I've no idea if this is going to work, or - like most renditions of the song itself - it's going to peter out in a welter of apathy shortly after day 5, which is the bit everyone really likes. Inspired by a comment on a previous thread, the aim is to crowd-source a Diamondbacks themed version of The 12 Days of Christmas, replacing each verse with something connected, tangentially or otherwise, to the team. Each day, we'll take suggestions in the comments for the next verse, and the one which receives most "recs" will be used. I'll add it to the list the following day, and knock up a paragraph or two on its relevance, while opening nominations for the following stanza.

Let's get this festive party started.

On the first day of Christmas, the D-backs gave to me... A Corbin with a strike three.

I like the relevance because "Corbin" is Latin for a a species of bird - okay, rather than "partridge", it's actually "raven," but it's still kinda fitting. [As an aside, another reason to regret the trade of Aaron Blair: I was looking forward to the team having a rotation 40% comprised of pitchers who share names with leaders of the British Labour party] The apparently successful (I'm likely going to use "apparently" for the rest of his career, purely to avoid jinxing it) return of Patrick Corbin from TJ surgery was one of the best stories of 2015, and even if the signing of Zack Greinke likely means he won't be an Opening Day starter, Patrick is still going to be a key part of the 2016 rotation.

What particularly stood out for me was his very solid K:BB ratio of 4.59; as a yardstick, the next best among our regular starting pitchers was Jeremy Hellickson, all the way back at 2.81. Only two Arizona starting pitchers since 2004 (min 80 IP) have had a better ratio; Brandon McCarthy last year, and Dan Haren (2008-2010). Though Corbin has just a little way to go to catch the franchise record-holder. That would be Curt Schilling in 2002, who threw 259.1 innings, striking out 316 and walking just 33, for a K:BB ratio of 9.58. Beginning May 13, through the seventh inning on June 8, Schilling fanned 56 batters without a walk. Something to aim for in 2016, Mr. Corbin...

Next verse. What should replace "Two French hens"? "two turtle doves"?