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Snake Bytes 12/2: Late Breaking Edition

Given that the news has ticked up significantly today, here is a late edition of Snake Bytes to keep things organized.

Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Have Off-season Options

A young core of players and a pile of cash give the Diamondbacks plenty of options for upgrading the team before the 2016 opens.

A Modest Proposal

Jody Oehler has a five-step plan to improve the Diamondbacks.

Hot Stove

Price Signs with Red Sox 7/217

David Price is off the market.

Greinke Expected to Decide Soon

The Giants and the Dodgers are battling it out for the market's best remaining pitcher. It looks like the right-hander will be landing a 5-6 year deal worth more annually than Price's $31 million.

Shark Looking at $100 million Offer

Reports have surfaced that tier three pitcher, Jeff Samardzija has at least one $100 million offer on the table.

Jerry Dipoto Trades Mark Trumbo (Again)

In 2014, Jerry Dipoto sold high on Mark Trumbo and received two highly-regarded pitching prospects in return. In 2015, Mark Trumbo was traded to the Mariners for their backup catcher. 2016 seems to like synergy as Dipoto is now in Seattle, trading Trumbo to the Orioles for a backup catcher.

Twins to Sign Park

The Minnesota Twins have come to terms with Korean first baseman Byung-ho Park

Braves Offering Miller for Pollock

We'll just redirect this one to our very own coverage on the subject.