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Snake Bytes 12/16: The Evolving NL West

The NL West has retained Zack Greinke and added Shelby Miller, Jeff Samardzija, Johnny Cueto, and Hisashi Iwakuma. The arms race is alive and well on the left coast.

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"Obviously with trade rumors going around, you never really know where you're going to land. But when I first found out I was going to Arizona, I was excited. Obviously it's an organization headed in the right direction, making some big moves to bring in some guys and trying to get in the winning way, and I'm excited to be a part of that. Couldn't be more happy about it."

-Shelby Miller

Diamondbacks Digest

Miller Embracing New Opportunity

By any measurement other than wins and losses, Shelby Miller is among the best pitchers in baseball. That hasn't stopped him from joining his third team in three years.

Greinke's Contract

We all know Zack Greinke just inked a monstrous contract. Where does it rank all-time?

NL West a 3-Team Affair

The Dodgers may be made of money, but it is the Diamondbacks and Giants that are making the big moves.

Around MLB

Do the Cubs Need Pitching?

The Chicago Cubs reached the playoffs last season for the first time in a long while. Unfortunately for them, the New York Mets starting pitching was just oo much for them. Beyond Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester, the Cubs simply lacked pitching depth. Was adding John Lackey enough?

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San Francisco Signs Johnny Cueto

The San Francisco Giants just inked Johnny Cueto to a 6-year contract. At first blush, that seems like an awful risky proposition for the Giants. Front-loading the contract, providing an opt-out clause after only two seasons, and tacking on a team-friendly seventh year should he not opt-out seems to provide a reasonable amount of protection against the Giants having to actually pay the 30-year-old ace pitcher for more than two seasons.

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Just how valuable is Cueto as a pitcher? That depends on what metrics one uses.

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The Giants lost out on Zack Greinke, but did they mitigate their risk in the process of diversifying?

Pete Rose Ban Upheld

Commissioner Paul Manfred has ruled that Pete Rose will remain permanently banned from baseball and by extension, the Hall of Fame.