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Arizona Diamondbacks trade rumors: Another pass made at Mike Leake

So, you thought the Diamondbacks were finished revamping their rotation? THINK AGAIN!!!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Yes, that's last night, as in a full 24 hours after acquiring Shelby Miller, so unless their discussions with Leake were taking place by carrier pigeon, it seems the team were doing so, fully aware of their current rotation. It makes sense to continue talks since, as discussed previously., the team had previous interest in Leake (and were reportedly, "pretty close" to signing the pitcher, who turned 28 last month. He also lives in Pvcfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... I'm sorry, I'll try that again, this time without Oscar deciding to prance over the keyboard. He also lives in Phoenix, which may have helped lead to a "home-town discount" for Stewart and co.

But it's interesting that the front-office are apparently not content to rest on their laurels. Leake wouldn't appear to be an obvious upgrade over the new rotation, except possibly the #5 spot which remains uncertain (Archie Bradley and Rubby De La Rosa being the current leading candidates). However, he should be able to eat a lot of innings at around league average, and for a #5 starter that would be pretty impressive.