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2015 AZ SnakePit Awards: Game of the Year nominations

What was the game of the year for the Diamondbacks?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Always a difficult one to call, because it covers such a range of possibilities. Does it mean a complete blow-out, like last year's winner, where we destroyed Clayton Kershaw? Is it a heart-stopping extra-inning victory? A come from behind win? This year, it could even, conceivably, be the disastrous blowout where the team conceded 21 runs for the first time in franchise history - certainly one which will be remembered, long after most of the other 161 contests have faded from collective memory! Below, find a few suggestions, but these are far from definitive, and I welcome other ideas.

As usual, make your case in the comments and "rec" those you think worthwhile. I'll add comments for those below for rec'ing purposes, since we should whittle down the list a bit. Five with the most recs by Thursday morning will make it into the final poll, where we can discuss their merits in more depth.

  • April 11: 6-0 vs. Dodgers. Bradley debut, beating Kershaw
  • May 7: 11-0 vs. Padres. Largest shutout since 2009.
  • May 12: 14-6 vs. Nationals. Biggest offensive day, mauling Strasburg
  • May 22: 5-4 vs. Cubs. 13-inning walk-off, Goldie's last strike home-run.
  • June 3: 9-8 vs. Braves. First comeback from six down since 2012
  • June 12: 1-0 vs. Giants. Anderson outduels MadBum; combined two-hitter
  • July 4: 7-3 vs. Rockies. Patrick Corbin's return
  • Aug 11: 13-1 vs. Phillies. Largest margin of season
  • Oct 2: 5-21 vs. Astros. Hahahahahahaha!