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2001 World Series Game 7: Fourteen years ago, right now

It never gets old, does it?

I haven't been exactly able to nail down the precise start time, but I did find a page that talks about coverage beginning at 5:30pm, so based on start times for this World Series, I'm going with 5.37pm. So, 14 years ago to this very moment, we were preparing to watch the most amazing, gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, dreadful, incredible and astonishing baseball game I have ever seen. Oh, and I also proposed to Mrs. SnakePit. All told, not a bad day at all. :)

Every time I think of that game, it reminds me of what winning the World Series is like, and reminds me of why we care so much. While there have been many memorable Diamondbacks moments since then, even as a raw rookie, who had been living here for less than a year at the time, that remains the ultimate. I wonder how much more I would be able to appreciate it now, with so much more awareness of just how damn difficult a task it is for a team to win the World Series. Reaching the playoffs in 2011 was nice, to be sure, but it was more of an appetizer, that only whetted my palate for further courses.

Anyway: enjoy Game 7, all over again. I know I will....