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Snake Bytes, 11/28: Sedona Red Saturday edition

Wait, it's Saturday? I'm so confused. Having two days off, then back to work for one day, and two more days off will do that. So, happy whatever day it is! Get those Christmas decorations up, dammit!

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images
Diamondbacks news

[Inside the 'Zona] The Inside the ‘Zona 2015-2016 Offseason Plan - "What follows is the result of a ton of research; we’ve sized up each MLB organization to the extent we can, and selected what we believe to be a set of top options for what should be a very busy offseason. In the past, our roster tweaks have been modest. But now is not the time for modest moves; the ante for getting to this point was high, and is even higher due to the qualifying offer system." Get a cup of coffee. And a turkey sandwich. :)

[Arizona Sports] Five things to be thankful for: Arizona Diamondbacks - 5. Financial Flexibility – Sure, the lack of experience that sometimes comes along with having a young team isn’t always ideal, but being the youngest team in baseball has its perks. Thanks to its youth, Arizona quite literally has nothing to lose to free agency in 2016. Only David Hernandez, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jhoulys Chacin are free agents, each coming off of one-year contracts. Nobody to lose = no new holes to fill = more $ to spend.

[] Fall league provides valuable experience for D-Backs prospects - "I had no idea how much I would learn here," Hernandez said. "I have been in the big leagues. This (AFL) was a new experience for me. I am working on my offense and learning what pitches to call in different situations like with a runner on third base and one out. I am learning about different situations. I was happy to participate because I missed time last season and now I was going to gain experience working with the bat and defensively. You make adjustments. It’s a good experience because you are dealing with players from different organizations."

[Norwalk Reflector] Chafin has successful season, looks ahead to 2016 - "I’m still on a break and letting my body rest,’’ the Western Reserve graduate said. "My daily activity has been working around the barn.’’ But that will soon change for Chafin, who just completed his first full Major League Baseball season as a reliever for the Arizona Diamondbacks. "I’ll start getting into baseball shape the first week of December,’’ he said. "I’ll start preparing for Spring Training."

[Clubhouse Corner] Arizona Diamondbacks: Chuck Johnson Evaluates the Farm - "I believe they were a top ten system heading into the 2015 season, although with injuries and graduations they’ve taken steps backwards where we sit now. They were a pitching heavy system a year ago and I believe that’s still the case. "

[Sports Quotient] Three Teams To Watch Out For In 2016 - Arizona is expected to be active this winter, specifically in the starting pitching market. They could use an ace to lean on in front of Patrick Corbin, who will return for his first full season since his All-Star 2013 campaign, and Archie Bradley, who was limited to eight starts in his rookie season due to injuries... the door is open for the Snakes to give their NL West opponents a run for their money and slither into a playoff spot next season.

And, elsewhere...

[LA Daily News] Police: Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig fought bouncer at Miami bar - Puig, 24, was arguing with his sister at the Blue Martini Lounge when a security team asked him to leave, according to Major Delrish Moss. Puig responded aggressively when he was asked to leave and fought with one of the bouncers. "The two of them ‘locked horns,’ so to speak," Moss said. "It led to the appearance of a brawl." Moss said that both men agreed not to press charges after the incident. Puig sustained a swollen left eye, as well as other bumps and bruises. The bouncer sustained a cut lip, bumps and bruises. No one else was injured.

[ESPN] Mike Veeck, the funniest man in baseball - Veeck's slogan is "Fun is Good,'' and his teams host some of the most entertaining -- and outrageous -- promotions in all of sports. Who else would hire a dog or pig to deliver baseballs to the umpire or have mimes perform instant replays? Who else would lock fans out of the stadium to set an all-time attendance record for fewest people at a game?

[] Weapon-like baseball bats found chained to poles throughout San Francisco - San Francisco police are trying to figure out who's responsible for chaining baseball bats to street poles across the city. Police in the Parkside neighborhood found one of those bats. It's a scene that was repeated more than a dozen times Thursday. In some cases, the bats also had nails protruding from them. The bat at the Parkside location looked like a pipe bomb. Officers cleared the area and brought in the bomb squad. It's a mystery as to why these weapon-like items were placed across the city.

[Baseball Essential] Source: Bronson Arroyo drawing interest from five teams - Free agent starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo is drawing interest from five teams, according to a source. Arroyo hasn’t pitched since 2014 due to having Tommy John surgery, but he mentioned in an interview recently with John Fayman of that he is finally fully healthy and that he expects to begin throwing by December 1. Arroyo also told Fayman that he has met with the Reds and that he is interested in a Cincinnati reunion, but the team needs to see actual proof that he is able to compete before pursuing the veteran right-hander.

And finally, a compilation of Hidden Ball Trick plays.