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Place your bets on the Diamondbacks off-season.

Following up on our regular season wagers, the Casino del SnakePit is opening its doors for the winter season. [H/T to Sprankton for the idea]

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For those who are new to this, you get $1,500 in notional SnakePit dollars to wager on a series of betting lines. You choose whether what actually happens will lead to the result being over or under the projected number. For example, take the first line:

Number of Aaron Hills on Diamondbacks Opening Day roster = 0.5

If you think Hill will be dealt by Opening Day (and there will consequently be 0 Aaron Hills on the roster), then you would bet on UNDER. If you think he will still be here, and there will therefore be 1 Aaron Hill, you would bet on OVER. You can wager any amount up to $500 of your notional SnakePit dollars on any one line, so therefore need to pick at least three of them to use up your wad. Entries should be posted in the comment and in the format, "Aaron Hills, $350, OVER".

Here are the lines available for you. Note, throughout: "new" means not part of the Diamondbacks organization at the time of this post. So Aaron Blair does not count, for betting purposes.

  • Number of Aaron Hills on Diamondbacks Opening Day roster = 0.5
  • New rotation starters = 1.5
  • New players on Opening Day 25-man roster = 3.5.
  • Opening Day payroll = $106.5 million. [per ESPN's page]
  • 2016 salary for most expensive player on D-backs roster: $23.5 million.
  • Separate trades announced by D-backs during winter meetings = 1.5 [beginning 00:01 AZ time December 7, through 23:59 AZ time December 10. Only officially Tweeted or press-released deals will count]
  • Number of Diamondbacks beginning season on DL = 1.5
  • Last year of A.J. Pollock's current contract with Arizona = 2018.5 [in other words, OVER = contract extension by Opening Day]
  • BONUS ROUND. Pick up to three new players you think will be Diamondbacks on Opening Day 2015. $250 bonus for each one you get right!