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2016 World Series odds

What, too soon?

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The champagne has hardly stopped flowing in the Kansas City Royals' dressing-room, after they finally finished celebrating the end of their 30-year drought as World Series champions, and we are already looking toward the 2016 World Series, with the sports books setting the line for that. Obviously, there's a lot of water to go under the bridge, and the odds below will likely be radically different from those that are available by the time we come around to Opening Day next year. But for now,. what do we think?

My first thought is, it has likely been a very long time since the Chicago Cubs were installed as favorites for the World Series, going into the winter. Then again, they were the best team in the NL after the break, with a record 4.5 games better than the Pirates. But there's a very narrow band of odds covering them and the other seven teams to make the Division Series. That's along with, interestingly, the Washington Nationals,. who are still seen as posing a significant challenge, despite their second-half where they had an underwhelming 35-40 record, worse than not just the D-backs, but also the ultra long-shot Phillies.

50/1 for the D-backs? Seems quite generous (for a bet), given the sharp improvement by the team on their 2014 record. Worth noting that only three teams have longer odds, even though a full dozen teams had worse records than the Diamondbacks this year, including the 20/1 Red Sox and Tigers. Might be worth dropping a twenty on us, just for the fun of it, though whether you might as well just set fire to the Jackson, will depend very heavily on whether or not Dave Stewart and Tony La Russa make smart moves over the next five months.

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