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Matt Williams re-hired as Third Base Coach

The former Nationals skipper comes back to the job he had before that.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

First reported above and confirmed by others, The Diamondbacks will re-hire Matt Williams to be their Third Base Coach, a position he previously occupied from 2011 to 2013. He will replace Andy Green, who took the managing job with the Padres.

If I need to remind you about Williams' history with the Diamondbacks, then I am sorry about that head injury, but I'll refresh: He was the team's original starting Third Baseman, and was on the 2001 team that won the World Series. In addition to being a coach, he was also part owner of the team, but sold his share when he took the Nationals job.

Williams won NL Manager of the year in 2014 when the Nationals made the playoffs, but 2015 saw the Nats underachieve, as well as other things, which caused him to be fired. He had a record of 179-146 as a manager.