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Diamondbacks 2015 Plays of the Year: Group D

And you thought the first three groups were impressive? Wait till you get a load of these...

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Here is the last of four batches of nominees for the 2015 play of the year. Small video of each has been embedded as a reminder of the play, or you can click on the header link, which will open a new tab with a larger version of the video on Pick your favorite of these five in the poll at the bottom. The winner of each group, and the highest-scoring runner up, will advance to the final vote, which will take place next week.

8/26: Goldschmidt's smash

Yeah. It's not coming back. In fact, I wonder if it has landed yet? According to, which tagged it at 482 feet, only Giancarlo Stanton had any longer home-runs this year.

9/1: Rubby De La Rosa balk

Most amusing play of the year, saw Rubby get all mixed-up in his wind-up, and end up shot-putting the pitch to the backstop. Good effort. Rubby - good effort. But, hey: he got the W with a quality start in Coors Field.

9/18: Pollock catch at wall

A.J. Pollock ranges back to the wall in left-center and makes a homer-robbing catch to keep the Giants off the scoreboard.

9/22: Ahmed's self-destructive dive

Nick Ahmed fully extends to stop a grounder and fires to second off one knee, retiring the lead runner as he injures his back. Pretty much ended his season.

Oct 2: O'Brien's first home-run

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And you only get one chance to hit your first major-league home-run. Safe to say, O'Brien managed to do both here.