MLBTR - Offseason Outlook - D-backs Perspective

Norm Hall/Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors has started their excellent off-season outlook series breaking down the each team with a focus on where they currently stand and the likely options available to them during the non-baseball months of the year. This being an incredibly interesting off-season for the D-backs, I have decided to interpret each of these break-downs from a potential trade-partner perspective. I will be posting my thoughts on the MLBTR information given for each team in the comments below. Most of my interpretation is based on the MLBTR articles and I highly encourage everyone to read them as they're good baseball reading.

I'll be posting my thoughts as the articles are released and when I have time to think/write which, depending on life, could be a couple of days. It is my hope that others with greater baseball knowledge and different perspectives will contribute their takes as well. I preface this saying that I'm completely accepting of the fallibility in my knowledge of the other teams in baseball. I barely have time to religiously obsess over the D-backs let alone the other 29 teams. If you completely disagree, please feel free to call me a "big dummy" in your best Fred Sanford internet voice.