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A guide for the 2015 NL Playoffs when you're avoiding football and your team didn't make it

It's October 5th, and for 10 National League fanbases it's a time of reflection. Don't move onto a wintertime sport just yet, though! Read our MLB Playoff guide and keep watching.

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With the Diamondbacks' 2015 season official complete, you are likely moving your attention elsewhere. In fact, there's a high probability you already have, and you're not even reading this. But if you are, and are subsequently wondering how to spend your leisure time in October, let me suggest you continue watching baseball because playoff baseball is always great.

Sure you could watch a lesser sport, such as basketball, hockey, or handegg, or even watch a good sport such as football, but the magic of playoff baseball is tough to beat. The history, the drama, the hyperbolic articles attempting to guilt you in to watching: it's all there.

Let me be your guide in determining which teams are actually playing, and possibly helping you decide which, if any, you should casually support.

St. Louis Cardinals

The only 100 game this year, the Cardinals not only have been dominating in 2015 but have also won 3 World Series and appeared in 2 more in the past 11 years. If there is a Big Four since the turn of the century, St. Louis would be in the group.

Former D-backs on the team: Randy Choate, Mark Reynolds.

Last Championship, Total: 2011, 11.

How flippin' sweet are the uniforms: Pretty flippin' sweet.

Possible historical World Series rematches for 2015: Rangers (2011), Royals (1985), Yankees (1964, 1943,1942, 1928, 1926)

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates kind of got shafted this year in that they won 97 games, good enough to be second in all of baseball. The only problem for them is they play in the same division as the Cards, who as discussed above won 100. Pirates have the natural feel-good story in that they didn't make the playoffs for 25 years, and were aggressively bad, but then built around homegrown talent and are kind of fun. But then you remember that Pirates fans are also Steelers and Penguins fans, and you want them to feel no joy, ever.

Former D-backs on the team: None.

Last Championship, Total: 1979, 5.

How flippin' sweet are the uniforms: SO SWEET

Possible historical World Series rematches for 2015: Yankees (1960, 1927)

Chicago Cubs

A snakebitten team that's hard to like simply because its fans are so annoying about curses. Your team has stunk for a century because knuckleheads and bad luck have caused it, not goats or clueless fans wearing headphones.

If there's one good thing about rooting for the Cubs is that if they win the World Series then Chicago Hamburger Co. in Phoenix will give out free sliders. I took advantage of that in 2005 when the Sox won, and you bet I'll take advantage if the Cubs win this year. Go Cubbies!

Former D-backs on the team: Trevor Cahill, Dan Haren, Miguel Montero.

Last Championship, Total: 1908, 2.

How flippin' sweet are the uniforms: Home uniforms and hats are baller, the new road uniforms are bland

Possible historical World Series rematches for 2015: Yankees (1932, 1938)

Los Angeles Dodgers

Great 1-2 punch in the rotation, but I can't most readers here will want to support them. The sad thing is that although they have a ridiculous high payroll, they have quite a few homegrown players and should be an example of a team "winning the right way." Rooting for them, though, feels like rooting for the forest fire in Bambi.

Former D-backs on the team: Mike Bolsinger.

Last Championship, Total: 1988, 6.

How flippin' sweet are the uniforms: Red numbers on the home uniforms are a nice touch.

Possible historical World Series rematches for 2015: Yankees (1981, 1978, 1977, 1963, 1956, 1955, 1953, 1952, 1949, 1947, 1941).

New York Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Mets are like a loveable version of the Cubs, in that they frequently disappoint their fans in hilarious ways, but also cynically and sarcastically accept it. The Cubs are earnest, the Mets are ironic. The Cubs are Charlie Brown, the Mets are Seinfeld.

Former D-backs on the team: Addison Reed, Kelly Johnson.

Last Championship, Total: 1986, 2.

How flippin' sweet are the uniforms: Dannnnnnng, fam, their classic look is where it's at. Blue and orange, classic logo, very solid as long as they avoid the black accents.

Possibe historical World Series rematches for 2015: Yankees (2000)

Which of these teams are you rooting for? Or has familiarity bred contempt, and it's AL only for you? Sound off in the comments!